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Transferring individual education plans and ensure the execution

Students with IEP's (Individual education plans), or other disabilities falling under IDEA​, do not stop receiving accommodations and modifications at the conclusion of their high school education.  By law, they can receive these accommodations as they pursue a post-secondary education. 

Success Squad has a team of teachers who are licensed SPED (special education) educators and fully understand the laws.  We will assists students in relaying this information to their professors and other post-secondary educators on a "need to know basis".

Career Paths exploration

Students sometimes go to college and don't declare a major or minor; this leaves them to obtain a humanities degree.  Any degree is better than no degree, but a humanities degree does not come with any field of specialty.  This can make it difficult for students to find work after graduation. 

Success Squad can assist students with narrowing down career paths and deciding on a path that best fits their interests and abilities. We do this as early as the summer before their freshman year in post-secondary education. 

Class scheduling 

Class scheduling is the most important factor to a student's success in post-secondary education.  The wrong mix of classes, ill-advised total amount of hours per semester, and the professor that are teaching the courses, can make for a overly difficult and stressful academic experience.


Success Squad has current and previous professors that can assists students with class scheduling that will increase chances of obtaining the desired achievement.  

Mid-term and final exam preparation

Exams....the word itself is extremely intimidating, especially to students who have test anxiety.  Nonetheless, students don't get a pass at taking exams; they have to take and pass exams in order to pass classes.

Success Squad equips students with unprecedented study habits to prepare for major exams. 

Study habits

College is exciting!  The social aspect is very important to students and we get it.  However, there must be a happy medium between the social excitement and studying. 

Success Squad advises students on proper time management and scheduling.  Additionally, Success Squad provides study habits that have been researched to effective in academic achievement at the post-secondary level. 

Scheduled chats

One of the main factors that influence a student's inability to successfully complete post-secondary education is the lack of guidance.  All post-secondary education institutions have student advisors, but many times these advisors have been overloaded with students and find it difficult to assist students appropriately.

Success Squad mentors students.  We schedule time to sit and talk with students about any difficulties they may be experiencing.  We also rejoice in their achievements. 

Planning and critical thinking skills

Planning and critical thinking are soft skills and are often overlooked when assessing success.  Without proper planning and critical thinking skills, students are more apt to not experience the desired success.

Success Squad has researched and identified the most vital aspects to planning and thinking critically.  We help students enhance or develop these skills. 

Data reports (for parents) 

Students are not required to report academic achievement, or the lack there of, to their parents; the FERPA law protects students from this. With this being the case, sometimes parents don't know of their child's academic difficulties until it is too late. 

In accordance to the FERPA law, Success Squad will provide parents with reports that summarize their child's progress.