CultureSync Business Services


Creating a work environment that recognizes and appreciates the person-hood of all stakeholders is essential to a business’ success. No longer can others just tolerate others; there must be an obligation of affirmation and validation. Business’ have to be committed to defining and identifying what diversity and inclusion looks like, exclusively; after which a plan must be designed and implemented. This is where many companies make the mistake; implementation.  How does the business know if the plan is working? Should there be modifications?


A Diversity & Inclusion Plan is no different from any other business initiative. It has to be examined and evaluated for effectiveness and cultivated for maintenance.  When an employee feels a sense of belonging, it affects his or her work morale and happiness, thus leading to increased work performance and decreased turnover.

As reported by a major hiring solution company, over 60% of job seekers consider workplace diversity and inclusion a critical component when considering employment options.  A diverse and inclusive environment can also lead to improved recruitment.  Job-seekers aspire to work for businesses with a healthy diverse and inclusive culture. Nowadays, highly-qualified job-seekers seek out businesses that highlight diversity and inclusion as a core value. This is because society is embracing a more diverse and inclusive nation.