PD & Trainings

Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)

This service has 2 different components:
  • CRTs– teacher and student relationship
  • CRTt – teacher to teacher relationship
This service is designed to help education organizations and institutions with a CRT Plan. While the concept is similar to our business service, we focus on 7 components:
  • Education Theory and Ideology
  • CRT Pedagogy and Content
  • CRT Strategy and Repertoire
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Instruction
  • Reflection
  • Social and Emotional Learning Environment

Strategies & Engagement

Many classroom management issues can be alleviated by implementing appropriate teaching and learning strategies that engages students and maintains their engagement.  With our Strategies Seminars, educators will learn the following:

  • Proper Learning Progressions

  • Relative and relevant instruction

  • Student centered teaching an learning

  • Creating a "strategies toolbox"

  • Lesson and unit planning

  • Maintaining engagement

  • Student mentoring and intervention

Assessment Design

Assessment has and continues to an area of concern for educators and parents. Designing engaging and beneficial assessment exceeds the requirements deemed important formatively and summatively. With our Assessment Design Trainings, educators will learn the following:

  • Art of assessment

  • The science behind assessment

  • Critical principles of assessment

  • Classroom assessment efficacy and achievement 

  • Designing and implementing an assessment system