What Drives Us ?

Success Squad is motivated by the idea of unconscious and subconscious bias.  Our brain automatically defaults to preferring what we know; what’s familiar to us, and honestly there is nothing we can do about that; it’s just the way we are wired. What we can do is practice stepping outside of our comfort zone. Here at Success Squad, we are inspired by the many people, that we have helped, who take that step away from comfort and toward possibility.


Success Squad, optimistically, believes that people desire to understand and appreciate the unique characteristics in each other, but may not know how to do that. Lacking the knowledge of  something  will  most  often lead to a great deal of fear. We’ve all felt it; the fear of the unknown.  Fear is debilitating; it can stop a person dead in their tracks. It creates a level of anxiety and stress that makes rational decision-making nearly impossible. As it relates to race, gender, and other classifications of people, fear can lead to false impressions, falsifications, intolerability, hate, and narrow-mindedness.  Fear is the reason why we face diversity and inclusion issues in America.


Everyday, Success Squad is working to knock down peoples’ walls of fear.  We are working to help people recognize and appreciate each other.