College and university analysis

One of the most critical steps in the pre-college process is strategically choosing the right college, university, trade school, or technical school to attend.  Many students do not begin this process until late into their junior year in high school.  Due to the ever increasing competitive nature of post-secondary admissions, it is in the students best interest to begin this process as early as their freshman year in high school. 

Success Squad is here to assist students with this task.  Students benefit from our expertise and inside prospective.

​College application completion assistance

Completing an application to attend a post-secondary school is daunting and time consuming.  Not only do applications ask for general identity and demographic information, but many applications have a written part; students have to write a well developed essay. 

Success Squad assists students in completing applications to colleges, universities, trade schools, and technical schools.  We help students in brainstorming and general organization of their essay.  

FAFSA completion assistance

Just the mention of FASFA, and students and parents break out into hives!  FASFA is the acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  It's a great option that our government has provided for students and parents, but the completion of this application is somewhat complicated and extensive.  

Success Squad assists students and their parents in completing this application by helping to understand the terminology and the aid option available.  

Scholarship application completion assistance

There are a plethora of scholarships that will help or fully pay for students' post-secondary education.  It is a myth that there are only scholarships for academics, athletics, and arts.  There are scholarships for gender, race, course of studies, socioeconomic status, religion, and the list goes on.

Success Squad assists students with researching and completing scholarship applications. 

Writing Intervention

One of the primary obstacles in students obtaining the grades needed to get into a post-secondary school is writing.  Students struggle with all genres of writing, but there is a major deficiency in narrative, expository, and argumentative.  It is very critical that they know how to write in these genres prior to entering an post-secondary education institution. 

Success Squad has a team of English teachers that specialize in writing in all genres.  These teachers hold the highest level of effectiveness that can be obtained, per the government.  They have a proven track record of enhancing students' writing skills. 

Math intervention

In general, American students fall behind other countries when it comes to math skills. American students are forfeiting promising education and career possibilities based on their weaknesses in the area of math.

Success Squad has a team of math teachers that can help students with their math proficiencies. Just like our English teachers, the Math teachers hold the highest level of subject effectiveness and a proven track record of enhancing students' math skills.